In order to offer you a quick quote the following assumptions must be made.

All quotes given are estimates only. To obtain an exact quote please contact a member of our friendly team on 0344 381 6530.

Assumptions Made About You

You have been a resident in the UK since birth

You are single

You do not have a second occupation in addition to the main occupation disclosed

You have had no motoring convictions within the last 5 years

You have had no accidents, claims or losses within the last 5 years

You have never suffered from any heart disorders, diabetes, fits or other mental or physical infirmity or disease nor have you been registered disabled

You have never been cautioned or convicted of any criminal offence or had any County Court Judgements against you

You have never been disqualified from driving or holding a valid licence, been refused any motor vehicle insurance or continuance, thereof, or been required to pay an increased premium or had any special

conditions by any motor insurer

You do not require Protected No Claims

The vehicle will not be used for business purposes, other than travelling to and from one permanent place of work.

Assumptions Made About Your Vehicle

You are the only driver of the vehicle, which is owned and registered by you

The vehicle is fitted with a working CAT 2 security device

The vehicle is not an import

The vehicle is not left hand drive