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More than 80 years ago Volkswagen was founded – this week the 150 millionth car made by the German motor manufacturer rolled off the production line.

These 150 million cars, including era-defining  icons such as the Golf, the Beetle and the Camper, have been built at more than 50 production sites in 14 countries making VW one of the most prolific and diverse car manufacturers ever.

The company’s current product portfolio includes more than 60 models worldwide.

The “anniversary car” to toll of the assembly line in Wolfsburg, Germany, was a blue Golf GTE.

Volkswagen Golf

A symbol of the future of mobility at Volkswagen

The plug-in hybrid is a “symbol of the future of mobility at Volkswagen” – and at the same time, is “testimony to a powerful team performance”.

Dr Herbert Diess, VW CEO said: “150 million vehicles – that means we have made the dream of owning a car come true 150 million times for customers all over the world.”

In 2017 alone, Volkswagen is launching more than 10 new models worldwide. There will be 19 new SUVs in total by 2020.

The I.D. family with the new electric architecture (MEB) then marks the start of the Volkswagen brand’s electric offensive from 2020 and one million electric Volkswagens are destined to hit the road by 2025.

Past success is no guarantee for the future of Volkswagen

Diess added: “We must consistently work on our performance in order to remain successful. Past success is no guarantee for the future.”

The series production of the Volkswagen brand began on December 27, 1945 with the Type 1 Käfer. In the post-war era, it was the Volkswagen Beetle that initially shaped the automobile industry. All in all, 21.5 million were built before production finally came to an end in Mexico in 2003.

The Volkswagen Golf topped the Beetle record. The 25 millionth Volkswagen Golf left the assembly line in Wolfsburg in 2007, by 2013 the number had already risen to 30 million.

Today, Volkswagen produces the best-selling Golf in the seventh generation and has already built more than 34 million worldwide. For decades, the Golf has been the yardstick in the compact segment.

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