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If you’ve ever fancied buying an ex police car this 1970 Morris Minor 1000 Panda might just tick all the right boxes, especially if you are looking for a classic ex police car that is guaranteed to make heads turn.

This car is believed to be an ex East Suffolk Police vehicle. It is fitted with the Storno radio, has zip-in headlining, flat door panels and obligatory blue police light on the roof.

ex police car

50-year-old ex police car has been fully restored

Despite approaching a half century in age the ex police Panda patrol car looks in pristine condition and could feasibly have just rolled from the set of a period drama.

The restoration includes full strip-down, welding as required and it has been fitted with 99% new chrome.

It has also been re-wired, has a new alternator, steering track rod ends, radiator, screen rubbers and the engine has been fully checked-over.

It comes with a folder containing recent receipts for parts, an MoT from 2002 recording 11,199 miles and a 1981 tax disc. It has had seven owners, the previous keeper registered from 2002 to 2017.

ex police car

This ex police car has clocked only 38,000 miles on patrol

The total recorded mileage stands at 38,417 and the presale estimate is £2,500-£3,500. That’s a steal, but don’t tell the police!

If you do fancy buying an ex police car you can have major problems getting motor insurance.

Many enthusiasts findt companies that claim to cover classics can’t even give a quote on ex police cars, ambulances or fire engines. And of those insurance companies that do offer cover, many only do so at a price that will make your eyes water.

This is because there is no recognised book values for this type of vehicle, so most insurers find it impossible to make an accurate valuation of an ex police car, ambulance or fire engine.

ex police car

In police parlance, HIC would like to assist with your enquiries

That’s where HIC is in a position to assist you with your insurance enquiries.

We are specialists in covering all classic vehicles, including classic cars, classic vans, ex emergency vehicles, classic military vehicles and classic tractor and plant machinery.

This means that we can offer an agreed valuation for the ex police car you have dreamed of owning, usually over the phone.

If you would like to talk to our team about classic emergency vehicle insurance, call 0344 381 6530, use our web call back service or text the word “Quote” to 07781 472736.

What else is on offer with this ex police car at Anglia Car Auctions?

The Morris Minor 1000 is coming up for sale at Anglia Car Auctions sale in Kings Lynn on Friday, June 16. To view the 200 lots on offer, click here.