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Dad-of-four Paul Heales did what every man wants to do when his children reach adulthood – he went out and bought his dream car, a 1974 Porsche 911S Carrera Coupe.

The 74 Porsche 911S was one of the first impact bumper 911’s and this is one of just 1,359 S Coupe’s built.

He picked his dream car up for £25,000, and pretty chuffed about it he is too.

Porsche 911S

Porsche 911S Carrera Coupe is a one year model

It’s a one year only model so is pretty rare. It is a European left hand drive which was exported to Japan early in its life and then prepared for circuit racing.

Paul is currently investigating it’s racing history in Japan.

He explained: “It was obviously stored in a very good climate as the body shell is completely rust free which is remarkable for a 44 year old car.

Porsche 911S

Paul is currently rebuilding the Porsche 911S engine

He is currently rebuilding the 2.7 litre engine to 1973 911RS specifications and it will run on carburetors and not mechanical fuel injection.

The 2.7 RS engine is a low compression unit and produces around 210 BHP

Paul added: “For now I will MOT and register the car as it is currently on a Nova (Notification of Vehicle Arrivals) certificate. My intention is to use it as a road car but to also do some track days.

“For me the decision will be to return it to its original condition or to preserve its racing history and leave it as it is.”

Porsche 911S

Couple are no strangers to Porsche cars

Paul and wife Charlotte are no strangers to driving Porches.

They had a 911SC back in 2002 but didn’t use it much as they had four small children at the time and couldn’t get everyone in it.

Then in 2013 he bought a 1965 SWB 912/6.

Of course, now the children are grown up he and Charlotte intend to get maximum drive time out of the new Porsche 911S.

Porsche 911S

Porsche 911S engine: ‘music to the ears’ – just like HIC insurance

Summing up the proud Porsche owner added: “I have always loved the design and form of the 911. It is a beautiful car to look at and to drive in my opinion.

“I have owned many classic cars over the years but for me nothing compares to an air cooled 911, you don’t need a stereo system, the sound of a flat six engine at full chat is all that is required to produce a Cheshire cat-like grin!”

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