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Drivers are under starter’s orders for the Rust 2 Rome banger rally which promises the adventure of a lifetime.

It’s a 4,500 mile endurance rally on some of the continent’s most scenic roads for bangers which have cost less than £500.

Think of the Italian Job and the fleet of Minis racing around precipitous and twisting mountain tracks – that’s where Rust 2 Rome takes you. This is not a rally for the faint hearted.

Rust 2 Rome banger rally.

Rust 2 Rome banger rally promises a breathtaking trip

Finishers will be rewarded by the sight of the Roman Coliseum at sunset after ten days of the most breathtaking driving.

The entry fee for Rust 2 Rome is £499 per person for a team of two. The price goes down to £479 per person for teams of four.

Entry includes a sticker pack, ferry crossing, eight nights camping and two nights in mobile homes and CB radio kit,.

The £500 car budget does not include the cost of MOT, Tax or insurance, but should include all preparation costs.

The rally departs from Edinburgh at 10am on Sunday, June 4. Allowing four days for your return, the whole trip will take 14 days.

Rust 2 Rome banger rally could be a great charity fundraiser

Drivers will be going the extra mile so it makes sense to use the rally to raise money for charity.

It’s also a good idea to pack a comprehensive set of spares (belts, cables, hoses, fuses, bulbs etc) and have someone with good mechanical knowledge in your team, should the worse come to the worse.

All cars must be insured (short-term banger rally insurance is available) and street legal for all the countries being driven through.

Missed out on this year’s Rust 2 Rome banger rally?

You have until April 3 2018 to sign up for next year’s event.