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HIC has given away another year’s free insurance, with Matt Griffiss, 28, from Worcester, the lucky winner after meeting our insurance team at the 2014 GTI International show. Matt was randomly selected from thousands of people we spoke to at all of the shows we attended in 2014, and has had his entire annual premium returned to him.

An avid Golf fan, Matt was keen to explain to us the history of his own Mk2 following his win, and let us in on his plans for the prize money and the future of his car.

“It was pretty much love at first sight for me,” he said. “I’ve owned the car for eight years now after buying it online from a couple in Wales. I bought it without seeing any pictures, but when I came around the corner and saw it parked up outside their house I knew I’d made the right choice.”

Recounting his early years with the car, Matt explained: “The car was in a pretty grotty way when I first picked it up, and it had racked up over 176,000 miles with only one owner up until that point.”

“€œThe seller told me how it had been bought in Germany whilst he was in the army over there and that he’€™d travelled around Europe in it since, so it was obviously well loved.”

Despite the miles on the clock, the car proved to be in surprisingly good condition and after a little TLC was quickly back in show form. Like all true car enthusiasts though, Matt isn’€™t happy to rest on his laurels and has started making plans for future modifications.

I’d never get rid of the Golf, so I’ve set my mind to making a few changes to keep it at it’€™s best,€ he added. “€œOnce it hits 200k I plan to swap the engine out for an ABF 2l 16v and possibly add an Eaton supercharger from a CLK220 too.”

The 2014 GTI International wasn’€™t the first show Matt attended, and he’€™s been attending many events as part of the Rubbadubz VW club for years, including Retro Rides, E38, BVF and Ultimate Dubs.

The car has played a big role in other parts of his life too, and in the build up to his wedding last November Matt even took his Golf on tour around Europe with his friends as part of an extended stag weekend. Making something of a VW pilgrimage, the group covered more than 1,400 miles in four days, culminating in trips to the VW factory in Wolfsburg, the Nurburgring track and Spa Circuit, home of the all-VW “25 Hours of Spa”€™ event.

Speaking about winning his free insurance from HIC, Matt said: “I€’ve never won anything quite like this before, so it came as a great surprise when I got the call. All the staff at HIC have been fantastic and it was great to get the chance to meet them all too at the show it clearly shows that they’re real car enthusiasts like everyone else there.

“The money I’ve saved on my insurance will now go back into buying and fitting the new engine, and saving up for a re-spray to get the car looking its best for next show season.”

You’ve got to be in it to win it! If you want to be the next lucky winner, just take out a new policy between the 1st January and 31st December and you will be entered into our draw to win back the value of your car insurance!