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Dreaming of a motoring holiday in France? Be warned, French speed limits are so to be lowered on more than 250,000 miles of the country’s road network this summer in a bid to increase road safety.

French speed limits are being reduced on all two-lane highways from 90 kilometres an hour (56 mph) to 80 km/h (50 mph) in an effort to put the brakes on the rising number of road deaths.

French speed limits

New French speed limits come into effect in July

The new French speed limits will be introduced on July 1. Those who exceed the limit face fines of up to €750 (£650).

Road deaths in France rose to 3,500 in 2016, with 55 per cent – 1,911 – taking place on dual carriageways with no separating crash barrier. Almost a third of the accidents were said to have been caused by excessive speed.

A French government think-tank has suggested a 10 km/h reduction would save between 350 and 500 lives a year.

Casualties on French roads have risen each year since 2014.

French speed limits

On the spot fines for breaking French speed limits

On the spot fines for breaking French speed limits can reach as much as €750 (£650). And UK drivers caught by speed cameras can now be traced and will likely find an unpaid fixed penalty notice waiting on their doormat when they get home from their holiday.

EU governments now have access to vehicle ownership records held by other countries, which are then used to prosecute offences carried out in foreign-registered cars.

However,  British police are unable to pursue European motorists captured exceeding the limit by cameras in the UK.

French speed limits

Put insurance top of holiday “must do” list

If you are heading off for a driving holiday in France, make sure you adhere to the French speed limits and have the right insurance cover. You can get a free Green Card and optional European breakdown cover with most HIC policies.

And while you are there, make sure you take in all the best roads and sites.