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With the warm weather on its way it’s time for us here at HIC to get out and about to meet our fellow car lovers at VW shows up and down the country.

The UK has dozens of car shows across the country, which means we have plenty of opportunities to mingle with like-minded motorists and their families at events all over the nation. We are attending more shows than ever this year and we are giving away prizes at certain shows.

This year we are giving away an Auto Finesse Kit worth over £150 at the following events: Ultimate Dubs, Straight Outta Kempton, Early Edition, GTI International, Players Classic, VAGTurner Live, Gravity, Fitted UK, Roll Hard, London Cartel, Edition 38, LowCollective, Players Show, Westside and Ultimate Stance.

Along with the Auto Finesse Kit we’ll also be handing out quotes to try and beat your renewal premiums.

We love Volkswagen at HIC, which is why we will be visiting the greatest and most popular VW shows to join in the fun and provide our expert insurance advice to all welcoming customers.

Below is the list of events we will be attending this year and with plenty of dates dotted around the country, there is no reason why we will miss any of the action. Simply click on the icons that illustrate the closest venue to you to see more details and we hope to see you there.


VW shows in Great Britain

  HIC Stand

 Just Kampers Stand