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Our HIC Rides feature has been running for some time now and we have been overwhelmed by how many of you are taking part.

HIC Rides has been offering you the chance to show your car to the world and get honest feedback from fellow motorists. Any type of car can be submitted so there is no reason not to get involved.

Not only can you earn the respect and admiration of other car enthusiasts, but you also have the chance to win a prize.

The Deacon “Substandard”€™ Eight

The car selected as our first winner was Andy’s 1954 “Substandard”€™ Eight, a stunningly modified Standard Eight, which captured the public’s imagination with its bold new look and wonderfully engineered alterations. With everything from a Pinto engine and Type-9 transmission fitted, through to whitewall tyres and a custom paintjob, this previously decaying 50s relic has been given a new lease of life in Andy’€™s hands.

“I think that it draws people in just because it is something different,” said Andy. “You see quite a few modified older cars around these days, especially plenty of old VWs, but hardly anyone even knows what this car is when they see it.”

“€œThe way that HIC Rides is set-up really benefitted me and others who are starting out in the motor world. I think it’€™s a good thing for the winner to be chosen by other drivers, not just judges, and it really helps to give you an idea of what people like when they’™re looking at cars. It also gives everyone a chance to get their car shown in public and to take some pride in theirs, whatever they drive.”€

Andy’€™s Standard Eight is evidence of what great project cars can be; a mix of old and new, painstakingly assembled to get the most out of this old classic. While some think that what Andy has done is tantamount to sacrilege, we love the changes he has made and are thrilled by his commitment to continue work on it long into the future.

Andy told us: “€œThis has become a bit of a long-term project for me, and I don’t think I will ever really finish it, there’€™s always something else I can do to it. I do plan to enter some more competitions and shows in the future, though I have no solid plans just yet.”€

Check back in the coming months for more news about all of our features and competitions.

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