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It was Mark Sanderson’s first trip to the Ultimate Dubs show, but it turned out to be a trip well worth making as the VW fan walked away with a year’s free insurance courtesy of HIC for his Golf GTI.

Each year, we return the annual premium of one lucky customer we meet at one of the numerous car shows we attend up and down the UK.

Mark, who attended the Ultimate Dubs show in Telford for the first time in 2016, took out a policy there and then for his immaculate VW Golf GTi 16v mark II.

“I was telling the guys there at the stand it was due for insurance and they said ‘oh we’ll give you a quote while you’re here’, so they gave me a quote, which I ended up taking out while I was there,” he explained.

“The Golf is a special car really and I just wanted the right cover and the valuation ticked all the boxes, it was a good quote. I never win anything so it’s about time I had a bit of lady luck, I was chuffed to bits.

Golf GTI

“I had seen Ultimate Dubs in a few magazines previously with details about it, but I never actually had the chance to go until last year. It was a worthwhile day.”

Mark often takes his beloved Golf with him to various other shows and revealed the admiration he often receives from fellow car lovers.

“I enjoy going to shows around my local area. The car’s only had two owner’s from new and it is in immaculate condition. It’s pretty much original as well. You don’t get many that are that original, loads of people put 20 valves in and a VR6 engine but when I got it, it was too good to start messing with it,” he added.

“I’m quite choosy when I take it out. I might go for a ride if the weather is good, but it doesn’t come out in bad weather. What with how old it is and the condition it’s in, it would destroy me if something happened to it. It does get a hell of a lot of compliments whenever I go out in it.  

“I took it to a show the other week called Spring Dubs, one of the first shows of the season and it got loads of admiration.”

Golf GTI

But it’s another of Mark’s cars that will reap the benefits of his unexpected windfall.

“I’ve recently bought a VW Golf R32 so I’ll put it towards that,” he said. “There are a few bits on that to do so I’ll use it wisely.

“I’ve also got an Audi RS3 and a VW Transporter T5 van I use for work, that’s my everyday vehicle. I just recently sold another classic car, an Audi S2 which is quite a rare car too.

“I’ve just sold that to fund my R32 because it was another car not getting used. It was just in the garage. I wanted something that can be more of an everyday car so that’s why I got the R32, something that I won’t be bothered about driving in all types of weather.”

Join us at a show across the country and you could win back the cost of your insurance too.