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Winner of the HIC Rides August competition is this schmokin’ supercharged Audi RS4 B7 Saloon.

It’s owned by Charlie Dunn from Basingstoke in Hampshire who works as a Manager in Data Analytics and FinTech, in the Banking/Financial Services industry.

He bought it four years ago for £22,000. It had 29,000 miles on the clock then, but it’s clearly a dream to drive, because since he has boosted the mileage beyond 75,000.

Audi RS4

All pictures courtesy of Mariusz Conek.

It was love at first sight with the Audi RS4

When Charlie first set eyes on the Audi it was more or less love at first sight. He explained: “It has the full package of what you want in a car: Ample power, great noise produced by the V8 engine, a lovely timeless shape, it can carry four passengers comfortably and handles it brilliantly.”

When he first owned it he nicknamed it “Elvis” because the bonnet stuck out of the front quite a bit but he’s since straightened that out!

Since taking ownership, Charlie has moved heaven and earth to turn “Elvis” into a superstar car.

Modifications are numerous and include:


TTS/Rotrex C38-91 Supercharger @ 615bhp, with Stage 3 MRC Map.

TubiStyle + custom X-Pipe exhaust

De-cat downpipes

Cold air feed

Launch control, flat shift, speed limit delete.

Sachs sintered plate paddle clutch.


Audi RS4 B7 Saloon (8E).

H&R Anti-rollbars front + rear.

Fully Powerflex front suspension.

Carbon ceramic 380mm front brakes

Air suspension by Airlift Performance with AccuAir e-Level management

AccuAir Endo-CVT Compressor/Manifold/Tank – first RS4 in the world with this setup.

Audi RS4


Windows, and front + rear light clusters tinted

Adaptive Xenon Headlights, modified, LED DRL kit fitted

Full body wrap (including door shuts) in 3M Black Rose Vinyl with 5 layers of 9H

Ceramic Coat for extra gloss and protection, chrome delete included

Custom made front grille, crafted from a C6 RS6 grille + B7 RS4 grille to remove

plate spacer but maintain OEM look. Parking sensors grafted and blended in

Carbon Fibre Additions/Swaps:

Front Splitter + Oil Cooler Lip

Front Grille Surround

Side skirt Extensions

B Pillars

C Pillars

Rear Diffuser

Most of the Engine Bay

Smaller details such as wing mirrors/boot lid lip/badges/centre caps/etc.


Audi Technology Pack (Satnav, Auto Lights/Wipers/Dimming mirror)

Flat bottom steering wheel

Audi RS4 Recaro wingback seats

Heated front and rear seats

Carbon fibre interior trim

Upgraded RNS-E Mk2 with AMI for OEM Bluetooth, Bose sound system.

He has other upgrades in the pipeline too including a water-meth injection upgrade for more power, a full body respray, rear ceramic brakes, fresh interior retrim and carbon fibre exterior enhancements.

Charlie does all his own maintenance and spends a lot of time pampering the car, especially when he is prepping it for shows.

Audi RS4

Audi RS4 is a dream drive

Charlie’s daily car is a VW Golf Mk4 but his dream drive is still the Audi. He explained: “Since the supercharger was fitted, the drive has been phenomenal.

“The power delivery is unbelievably smooth yet savage at the same time. At high speeds, the car remains smooth and planted, as if it were designed for it.

“The car is already known for its very good steering response, and with the suspension upgrades, it handles beautifully overall, just like an RS4 should.”

Elvis, understandably, is a real head-turner: “It is a little bit loud and the wheels are a bit shiny, so yes it does make people stare.

“I often get other drivers giving me a thumbs up and some try to egg me on for a race.”

The car also goes down well with his friends: “Most of them are into cars so they have an appreciation for it.

“My family understand to some degree that it is a passion of mine so they don’t say too much, though I’m sure behind closed doors they wish I was wiser with my spending!”

Audi RS4

Got an Audi RS4? What would you trade up to?

Talking of spending, if he were to trade up he fancies a Lamborghini Centenario. He reckons its irresistible because it’s “so ugly yet beautiful at the same time!”

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