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Walkabout insurance is an HIC policy created to cater for the needs of travellers to and around Europe on a camper or van tour.

HIC created Walkabout insurance because we felt there was nothing else available on the market that adequately covered European camper tours at a reasonable price.

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10 reasons why Walkabout insurance is right for you

  • Adventure seekers on Walkabout want to make the most of their time on tour and to experience as much as possible so cover is valid throughout Europe*.
  • Most insurers only offer cover for a full year but Walkabout insurance can be organised for any period from 15 days to 12 months.
  • If you do take out a shorter policy you will still get the same famed HIC peace of mind because you will enjoy the same benefits that are offered on our 12 month deals.
  • We can even offer Walkabout insurance if you hold a foreign driving licence – and the cost won’t be hiked unnecessarily just because you do.
  • We can offer Walkabout insurance for more or less any vehicle you are holidaying in, be it a classic air-cooled Type 2 camper, a Split Screen Bus, a Westfalia or even the latest T5 Caravelle.
  • You can even get Walkabout insurance for left hand drive models and modified campers too.
  • There’s also good news if your European tour is part of a bigger, global trek, and you don’t have a permanent home address. All documentation can be emailed.
  • Walkabout insurance can provide standard cover for the contents of your van and full cover for anything lost or damaged while using heating or cooking equipment.
  • Cover is also available for backpackers and gap year students visiting or working in the UK and Europe.
  • Our staff are car and camper enthusiasts and owners themselves so you can be sure that when you call, the person dealing with your policy knows exactly what you’re talking about.
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Getting HIC Walkabout insurance couldn’t be easier

Because you will have a lot to think about before setting off on your European van tour, HIC have made it as simple as possible for you to secure the perfect cover.

Talk to our team about HIC Walkabout Car Insurance by calling 0344 381 6530 – our best rates are always available online.