Boat trailer insurance

With HIC you won't feel out of your depth when it comes to finding cheap and effective boat trailer insurance.

HIC has provided specialist boat trailer insurance policies for many years and now has access to an extensive fleet of nationally known insurers to find the best deals for you.

Policies cover trailers worth up to £40,000 providing cover against accidental damage, fire and theft. They also offer public liability protection for up to £1 million.

Herts Insurance policies also provide up to 30 days insurance for driving abroad making the wonderful waterways of 20 European countries easily accessible.

Policies are remarkable value for money but even better deals are available with up to 17.5% discount for trailers with data tag security.

Boat and dinghy trailer insurance policies offered by HIC are customised for all watercraft owners who need to use a trailer to transport their vessel, including those who:

  • Use a boat in the course of their work
  • Enjoy watersports, such as water skiing, kite boating, canoeing, kayaking, yachting, sailing, wakeboarding, rafting, jet skiing, powerboating, rowing, windsurfing or parasailing
  • Don't have a permanent mooring, or like to explore the coast or inland waterways
  • Enjoy fishing from their boat

Do I need boat trailer insurance?

Many motorists wrongly assume separate boat trailer insurance is an unnecessary expense.

That is because most motor policies include cover third party liability while towing a trailer and most boats are covered on their own insurance policies.

However, regular motor policies will not cover your trailer against theft, fire or accidental damage, which could leave you with an unwelcome bill in the event of a mishap.

Tips on towing your boat trailer safely

  • Additional mirrors must be attached to each side of the towing vehicle if there is a risk of the boat obstructing the rear view mirror.
  • Drain water from the boat or dinghy and remove the drain plug before towing.
  • Make sure the boat is fastened securely to the trailer.
  • No sharp or dangerous points of your boat may be on show – can cover propellers and masts with a bucket or suitably reinforced bag or cover.

For an insurance deal that will really float your boat:

HIC has a team of experts on hand to answer questions you may have about boat trailer insurance. Call 0330 123 1 840 free from a mobile, 0344 381 6530 from a landline, or go to our get a quote service.

HIC has other insurance policies for many more specialist trailers including horse boxes, boat trailers, flat beds, trailer tents, builders trailer, garden trailer, luggage trailer, teardrop trailer and trailer tent but if you use an ordinary trailer, there is a policy for that too.