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Do I get a courtesy car if I have an accident?
After a car accident, I had my car repaired at a body shop my Insurance Company referred me to, but I'm not happy with the work that was done. Is there anything I can do about it?
Can I demand original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to repair my vehicle?
Do I have legal cover on my policy?
Do I have to use my Insurer's body shop for repairs?
Do I need Legal Expenses cover if I know a solicitor?
How do I make a claim?
How much cover does Legal Expenses Cover provide?
I have protected no claims bonus, so will my policy be affected by a claim that is my fault?
I have received third party correspondence, what should I do?
I've just been in an accident. How will the Insurer arrange the payment for repairs to my car?
If I buy Legal Expenses Cover, who would be covered?
If I claim for a windscreen will this affect my no claims bonus?
If I have an accident and I do not wish to make a claim, do I still have to notify my insurer?
If I need to use Legal Expenses Cover are there any additional costs other than the annual premium?
Should I expect my premium to rise if I reported an accident to my Insurance Company in which I was not found at fault?
What is an excess?
What should I do if I've just had a car accident?
When can I use Legal Expenses Cover?
Why do I have to pay my excess if an accident is not my fault?
Will I be supplied with a courtesy car while my car is being repaired?
Will you pay compensation under my Legal Expenses Policy if I am injured as a result of a road traffic accident and unable to work?
Would I be covered by Legal Expenses Cover if I go abroad?
Would I be covered by Legal Expenses Cover if the driver at fault leaves the scene of the accident without swapping details?
Would Legal Expenses cover me in my other car?