Horse Trailer Insurance

When searching for the best insurance cover for your horse trailer you don't want to be saddled with the wrong deal. Your trailer carries a precious cargo so you will need to be confident that you've got the insurance cover you need, at a price you can afford.

Using an extensive panel of well-known nationwide insurers, HIC's specialist policies for trailers up to the value of £40,000 provide cover against accidental damage, fire and theft and there is public liability protection for up to £1 million.

Herts Insurance provides remarkable value for money but you can get an even better deal with up to 17.5% discount for trailers with data tag security.

Why get horse trailer insurance?

Horse trailer insurance is important, whether you use the trailer occasionally or every day. If you have an accident with your trailer there could be some very hefty repair bills, but if it is insured you won't have to shell out for them.

Herts Insurance horse trailer cover has been designed for people like you:

  • Horse owners attending weekend events
  • People buying or selling horses
  • Stable owners and horse trainers
  • Owners looking to ride their horses at exciting new locations
  • Horse owners who want to take their mounts to Europe for a holiday or event

Breakdown cover for horsebox trailers

Herts Insurance horsebox policies cover all eventualities as Flux Rescue breakdown even includes cover for horses in transit.

If your trailer or horsebox breaks down a team of specialists will come to the rescue with a top of the range horsebox to recover your horses.

If necessary they will close the road you are stranded on, or lanes on a motorway, cordon off a safe haven, and pacify and protect your horses.

They will then recover the trailer or horsebox and horses and transport them to either your destination or your home.

Cover is available for only £79.50 and covers the recovery of the horsebox trailer and up to three horses (it will not recover your tow vehicle).

HIC's experts are champing at the bit to find the best horse trailer cover

HIC has a team of experts on hand to answer questions you may have about boat trailer insurance. Call 0330 123 1 840 free from a mobile, 0344 381 6530 from a landline, or go to our get a quote service.

HIC has other insurance policies for many more specialist trailers including horse boxes, boat trailers, flat beds, trailer tents, builders trailer, garden trailer, luggage trailer, and teardrop trailer but if you use an ordinary trailer, there is a policy for that too.