Learner Driver Insurance from HIC

Affordable insurance for younger drivers can be notoriously difficult to find and high premiums can often lead young people to sacrifice cover levels or even hold off driving for several years just to meet the cost.

But here at HIC, we try to support younger drivers by finding them affordable, but reliable, car insurance – and that starts with insurance for learner drivers.

To help learner drivers to get cheap cover whilst they're still finding their feet on the road, and get that all-important out-of-lesson practice, the policies that we offer allow learners to take insurance on a flexible month-by-month basis and get comprehensive cover whilst driving their parents' or their own car.

Fully comprehensive cover is available on any car up to insurance group 30, valued at less than £20,000, insurance is available from one month to 12 months, and learners can drive in their car, their parents's car or a friend's car, provided they're accompanied.

What's more, if the learner does have an accident in someone else's car, the claim will not affect the owner's no claims bonus – counting instead just against the learner policy.

How Does Insurance for Learner Drivers Work?

HIC's learner driver insurance policies provide great cover at affordable prices &ndash here's how it works :

  • Policies are available for periods of 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Any car can be driven, whether owned by the learner, a parent or a friend, as long as it is rated up to insurance group 30 and is not valued at more than £20,000
  • All policies are comprehensive insurance, though 12-month policies are also offered as third party, fire and theft cover
  • The learner must have a UK provisional driving license and be accompanied by a driver aged over 25 who has held a valid UK driving license for at least three years
  • Learners can be insured on two cars, and will receive at 50% discount on the premium for the second
  • Learner driver insurance policies end automatically when the policyholder passes their driving test

HIC's learner driver insurance policy gives learners the chance to gain some much-needed practice outside of lessons, whilst making use of their friend or parent's car.

Unlike some policies though, a learner insured by HIC who has an accident won't affect the car owner's insurance. Instead, claims are settled against the learner's insurance policy, giving parents and friends the peace of mind that their own insurance and NCB will be kept intact.

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