Motorhome Insurance Cover from HIC

If you're looking for motor home insurance, then the brokers at HIC can build a policy which is as snug as your motor home. Our insurance policies cover a range of classic vehicles like yours to ensure you're fully covered whether you are motoring in the UK or overseas.

Motor homes are not like an ordinary car; they were designed for the road and to provide a comfortable bed for the night. That's why they're such a favourite for touring as well as for festival-goers, bands and surfing.

Ford Rimor Transit

  • Male: 52
  • Postcode: HR9
  • Vehicle Value: £22,000
  • 3,000 Miles
  • £200 ADFT XS
  • £185 Fully Comp

Renault Master Chausson

  • Male: 65
  • Postcode: PE30
  • Vehicle Value: £35,000
  • 3,000 Miles
  • SP30 3 pts
  • £250 ADFT XS
  • £257 Fully Comp

Fiat Ace Novella

  • Male: 59
  • Postcode: SG7
  • Vehicle Value: £23,000
  • 4500 Miles
  • £200 ADFT XS
  • £287 Fully Comp

Getting a motor home insurance quote couldn't be simpler.

If you're going on the road, you can include roadside assistance home and abroad in your motor home insurance policy.

If you own a classic motor home, a traditional insurance company may not appreciate its true value. Our brokers understand that you invest a lot of time and money in your motor home and can include an Agreed Valuation clause in your policy to protect it.

Peugeot Talbot Highlander

  • Female: 21
  • Postcode: TR7
  • Vehicle Value: £5,000
  • 3,000 Miles
  • SP30 £40.00
  • £100 TPFT XS
  • £380 TPFT

Mercedes Benz Hymer

  • Male: 42
  • Postcode: DE5
  • Vehicle Value: £17,000
  • 7,500 Miles
  • £200 ADFT XS
  • £299 Fully Comp

Volkswagen Camper

  • Male: 65
  • Postcode: CM7
  • Vehicle Value: £25,000
  • 4,500 Miles
  • TS10 £40.00
  • £200 ADFT XS
  • £276 Fully Comp

HIC believes that people who choose to drive an individual car like a motor home can be more discerning than the average motorist and should be rewarded for it. By creating tailor-made motor home insurance policies, we are helping protect people's right to express their personality through their choice of vehicle.

You can call us on0344 381 6530, use our web call back service (by either filling in the email form telling us when you would like us to call you or by texting the word 'Quote' to 07781 472736) or get a motor home insurance quote online, right now, by clicking the button below.

**sample quotes are cover as stated for a UK driver with a clean license (unless stated otherwise). These illustrative motor home insurance quotes, valid as at 11/8/2013, are provided for information only and do not form the basis of any contract or tender.

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