Teardrop Trailer Insurance

Teardrop trailers are making a come-back and can regularly be seen on roads and campsites across the UK and beyond - what's harder to spot is cheap, comprehensive teardrop trailer insurance.

Do I need teardrop trailer or micro caravan insurance?

Most car insurance policies will cover trailers and caravans while being towed, but when you stop and uncouple, the trailer could be vulnerable to theft and damage.

While trailer and caravan insurance isn't a legal necessity, it is highly desirable and, in the event of a claim, which could run into thousands of pounds, it will be considered money very well spent.

Thieves target more than 3,000 caravans each year. As well as theft of the actual caravan, crooks cover the gear stowed inside, things that may not be covered by standard home insurance.

Teardrop trailers and micro caravans are versatile, eminently manoeuvrable and easily modified. And HIC have teardrop trailer and micro caravan insurance policies boasting these qualities too.

Teardrop trailer and micro caravan insurance from HIC provides:

  • Free European cover for up to 120 days
  • Public liability and legal expenses cover
  • Insurance against weather damage to awnings
  • Imported and high-value caravans cover
  • Up to 25% no claims discount
  • Monthly installment plans to help spread the cost
  • Agreed value insurance policies for new, high value and vintage trailers
  • Combined insurance for caravan and contents
  • 'New for old cover', meaning you receive the cost of buying a new caravan, the same as your old one, if it is lost or stolen. (For older caravans, insurance may be restricted to market value policies).
  • Emergency accommodation expenses in the event of storm damage to your caravan
  • Discounts for members of touring, camping and caravanning clubs
  • Discounts for arranging car and caravan cover together

You'll cry with delight at the cost of HIC's teardrop trailer insurance.

HIC has other insurance policies for many more specialist trailers including horse boxes, boat trailers, flat beds, trailer tents, builders trailer, garden trailer, luggage trailer, and teardrop trailer but if you use an ordinary trailer, there is a policy for that too.

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