Trailer insurance

If you need to tow a trailer for work or in your private life, you will probably be looking for cheap trailer insurance. HIC has access to a varied panel of insurers meaning they can find trailer insurance that meets your needs and suits your budget too.

HIC has insurance policies for many specialist trailers including horse boxes, boat trailers, flat beds, trailer tents, builders trailer, garden trailer, luggage trailer, and teardrop trailer but if you use an ordinary trailer, there is a policy for that too.

Whether your trailer spends most days in the garage, on the driveway or on the road in regular use, HIC has trailer cover to match your specific needs.

HIC trailer insurance cover is cheap but comprehensive, giving you complete protection and complete peace of mind.

HIC cheap trailer insurance provides:

  • Cover against accidental damage, fire and theft
  • Cover for trailers up to £40,000
  • Up to 17.5% discount for trailers with data tag security
  • Up to £1m public liability cover
  • 30 days European green card cover

HIC trailer insurance will allow you to:

  • Carry household or garden rubbish
  • Move furniture and large pieces of equipment
  • Transport cars, motorcycles, boats, quad bikes or bicycles
  • Carry luggage for your holiday
  • Transport building or gardening materials

Trailer safety guidelines you should be aware of:

The weight of the trailer and contents must be within the vehicle's towing ability and not more than 85% of the car's kerb weight if the trailer has brakes (50% if it doesn't).

Maximum trailer width in the UK and EU is 2.55m.

Indicators, lights and brakes (where fitted) must work and trailer must display the same number plate as the towing vehicle.

Depending on when you passed your driving test (before or after 01.01.97), the towing allowance will differ.

Trailer speed limits on UK roads are 60mph for motorways and dual carriageways and 50mph on single carriageway roads. Trailers are prohibited from the outside lane of a motorway.

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