Young Driver Insurance from HIC

In these days of rocketing insurance prices, one group of drivers always seems to be hit particularly hard. The statistics do say that young and inexperienced drivers are more dangerous, but some insurance companies use that as an excuse to charge ridiculously high premiums.

Finding good-quality insurance cover for a younger driver like you at a sensible price is far from easy, especially so if you have a high performance model or if you have modified your car.

Young drivers frequently find that insurance companies that claim to cover modified cars often can't or won't give a quote on their particular model or to drivers of their profile. An increasing number of insurance companies wont even give a quote to modders under 30, and an even larger number won 't offer a quote to teenage drivers.

So, far too often, younger car owners have to accept either a high price, or a lower level and quality of cover, or else just have to wait a few more years before driving. Fortunately, there is a solution.

As specialists in covering all types of specialist vehicles, unusual cars and situations, we know which companies offer the best premiums for young drivers. We also offer a range of enthusiast discounts to drivers who show us that they care about their car.

Because we are genuine car enthusiasts, we also have an in depth understanding of the modding scene, so we can offer expert help to those younger drivers who want to make the car their own. And as our sample quotes show, we can offer you incredibly low rates, whether you 're a teenager fresh from your L plates, or a relatively experienced driver in your twenties.

Rover Mini Tahiti

  • Female: 21
  • Postcode: SG11
  • Car Value: £4,500
  • 4 years NCB
  • Modified: Alloy Wheels, Exhaust, Air Filter
  • £338 Fully Comp

Volkswagen Golf GTI 8V

  • Male: 22
  • Postcode: CV3
  • Car Value: £2,500
  • 2 Years NCB
  • 1 SP30 Conviction
  • £782 TPFT

Smart Pulse

  • Female: 19
  • Postcode: EN5
  • Car Value: £2,000
  • Zero NCB
  • £1201 TPFT

Getting a young driver car insurance quote couldn't be simpler.

As one of the UK 's leading specialist car insurance providers, we don't just love cars, we love to celebrate cars. That's why we also play an active role in the UK car enthusiast scene and sponsor events like rallies, shows and track days. Look for us next time you take your car to a show.

What's more, we have designed our policies to suit young drivers like you with a range of features that will help you get the most out of your passion. Features like these:

  • Flexible limited mileage options available
  • Cosmetic mods up to £1500 in value are covered free
  • Cover for rallies, track days and meets
  • Free European green card
  • Agreed Value cover (optional)
  • Modifications covered on a like for like basis
  • Modified classics covered Special deals for Mini & Beetle owners
  • ICE Cover available
  • Salvage retention
  • Cover for dismantled parts
  • Uninsured loss recovery for non-fault claims
  • Legal cover up to £100,000

And we also offer a range of additional discounts for:

  • Limited Mileage
  • Second car policies
  • Security Precautions
  • Extra Discounts of up to 20% for enthusiasts

Fiat Punto

  • Female: 19
  • Postcode: CM7
  • Car Value: £4,000
  • Zero NCB
  • 1 SP30 Conviction
  • Modified: Allow Wheels, Body Kit, Clear Lights, Read Roof Spoiler
  • £802 TPFT

Audi A3

  • Male: 20
  • Postcode SG10
  • Car Value: £5,000
  • 2 years NCB
  • Modifed: Alloy Wheels
  • £198 Fully Comp

Peugeot 306 XSi

  • Male: 21
  • Postcode: CM23
  • Car Value: £3,500
  • 3 Years NCB
  • Modified: Alloy Wheels, Exhaust, Lowered Suspension, Bucket Seats
  • £773 Fully Comp

So whether you have a classic Mini or a modified Golf GTi, we can offer young drivers like you a great deal on your insurance.

And because so many of our staff are car enthusiasts and owners too, you can be sure that the person dealing with your policy knows almost as much about your car and your kit as you do.

You can call us on 0344 381 6530, use our web call back service (by either filling in the email form telling us when you would like us to call you or by texting the word 'Quote' to 07781 472736) or get a young driver car insurance quote online, right now by clicking the button below.

**sample quotes are cover as stated for a UK driver with a clean license(unless stated otherwise). These illustrative car insurance quotes, valid as at 11/8/2013, are provided for information only and do not form the basis of any contract or tender.

Terms and conditions apply.